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Our goal is to connect everyone in the care and enjoyment of your horse in one easy to use app


It's about tracking your horse's activities and care; connecting them to your equine service providers


We are connecting the entire equine industry and lifestyle in one place


About The Equestrian

The Equestrian is about connecting people to horses to enhance the health and care of the horse.

When we joined the equestrian lifestyle, we quickly realized there were a lot of people involved in the care of our horses. We built this app originally for our needs, but when our associates saw it, they wanted to try it too. Now it is available to the entire equine industry!

We know it's not just you taking care of your horse, but a community of specialists. You can connect your trainers, vetinarians, farriers, boarders, and other equine service providers directly to your horse's journal so they can stay updated wherever they are.


Horse Owner Features

From the day-to-day stall management, boarding needs, leasing rules, training plans, veterinarian exams, farrier visits, and even a marketplace, this app can manage it all. We all want the best for our horses, so we built The Equestrian to be that exclusive, one-of-a-kind app you can rely upon everyday for your horse’s health and well-being.

News Feed

A news feed of your horses and connected friends

My Horses

Manage everything about your horse's health, activities, and records


From riders and farriers, to vets and more, your horse can stay connected with them all


Participate with other horse owners. Ask and get answers to questions from other members


Capture and share important moments


Journal a list of activities for you and your horse

Have an Equine Business?

  • Farriers

    You got that right, our app allows farriers to provide an enhanced level of communication and services to your clients.

    Horses and more

    Trying to remember the history of a past horse you worked on. We keep that information available at your finger tips.

    Capture pictures

    As you're working on a horse, you can capture the good and bad about each hoove and document it with a picture.

    Feeding, Caring and Contacts

    Barn managers will have access to each horses feeding and care schedules at their finger tips.

  • Boarding Facilities

    If you run a boarding facility, you know that communication and efficiency is the key to running a successful and profitable business. The Equestrian App has enhancements for the barn managers and assistants making their daily chores easier and done right.

    Multiple Barns and Turnouts

    Support for multiple barns and turnouts along with inviting staff to help manage these locations.

    Stalls and Horses

    Whether you have 1 or 100 stalls, you can easily assign a horse to a stall and manage them.

    Feeding, Caring and Contacts

    Barn managers will have access to each horses feeding and care schedules at their finger tips.

  • Business of Horse

    Our goal to connect everyone in the equine community and that includes individuals and companies that provide equine related services. The Equestrian App is the first that provides FREE features for equine related businesses.

    Tools to help you

    We are enhancing our apps in providing you with the tools necessary to help you connect to the owners and horses.

    Customer Experience

    By providing a better connected and informative service, you are building a lasting business and that your customers will always appreciate.

    We Listen

    Have an idea that you would like to include, send us a message as we are always looking for new innovative ideas.

  • Trainers

    Features coming soon in making your day easier to manage so you can spend more time training horses.

  • Instructors/Lessions

    Managing horses can be easier than the people you are giving riding instructions on days. Coming soon, our app will help you with both.


Highlighted People, Ranches and Businesses

Below we are highlighting some of the great people and businesses using The Equestrian App in their daily equine lifestyles.


Our goal is to truly connect everyone around the care and enjoyment of our horses, so our app will always be FREE. This includes riders, owners, and equine businesses. We do have sponsors that help support the cost of the app, but we try really hard to make sure it is just part of the experience of the app.
Every month we are adding new features for your equine lifestyle. If there is something special you are looking for, just drop us a note. We are always listening!
You bet! We are adding new features every month for your equine business. Is there something special we can add? Just send us a note, we are listening!
No, we are not Facebook. Your data is encrypted and only available to you and those who you choose to share it with.

The Horsemen

We may have started with an idea, but it is the larger equine community that have provided the great suggestions to make this app a reality. Enjoy the ride!

  • User
    Patrick Husting

    Over 25 years in the software industry has lead Patrick "Back to the Ranch" and connecting the equine industry

  • User
    Fiona - Ia Reina Del Alba
    Focus Group Lead

    Fiona, along with Dusty and Maverick, are the inspiration for this app. They test in exchange for treats too.

  • User
    Adam Husting
    UI/UX Designer

    Adam has worked in design for several years, and believes that a simple lifestyle should be reflected in design.

Latest News

We are bringing you along on a journey

  • By Patrick Husting

Barn Pros is a new Sponsor

February 7, 2019

We are excited to announce that Barn Pros is going to be our first corporate sponsor of The Equestrian App.  When you add your barn and stalls in the Barn Business section, you'll see their amazing barn styles and stall offerings as the default images. 

  • By Patrick Husting

Barn Business

December 1, 2018

We released new features for boarding facilities that will greatly increase the communication in the barn, provide the right feedings to each horse, along with special care instructions and emergency contact information for the horses.

  • By Patrick Husting

App for horse owners

June 15, 2018

From the day-to-day stall management, training plan, veterinarian exams, and farrier visits, this app can manage it all. We all want the best for our horses so we built “The Equestrian”, a one-of-a-kind app you can rely upon everyday for your horse’s health and pleasure.

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