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"Connect everyone in the care and enjoyment of your horse."

When we joined the equestrian lifestyle, we quickly realized there were a lot of people involved in the care and enjoyment of our horses.

We built this app originally for our needs but when our horse friends saw it, they had to have it too. Now, we made it available to the entire equine industry in the care and enjoyment of their horses.

And best of all, our app is FREE!


"It's all about the horse."

The Equestrian is about connecting people to horses to enhance the health and care of the horse. We made journaling activities and events in and around caring for your horse easy. When the vet and farrier visit, taking notes on what transpired or even taking a photo will end up in that horses journal.

Best of all, you can connect friends to a specific horse so that they can see those journal entries or add entries like training sessions or show results too!

It's about the connection

"Go ahead and share."

If you ever felt a little funny sharing your horse adventures on Facebook, you're not alone. But in The Equestrian App, everyone loves the equine lifestyle and you can share your adventures with your closest friends without feeling weird!

We made it easy for you to share photos, activities and events with just individuals connected to specific horses or you can share your activities publically with the equestrian community at large. We created a secure and safe place for everyone to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle.

Equine Service Providers

"Connecting to the people that matter most."

We know it's not just you taking care of your horse, but a whole community of specialists. Your trainers, the vetinarians, the farriers and where you board your horse too. You can connect your equine service providers directly to your horse so they can see everything in the horses journal.

If you're an equine Service or Product provider, we have some very exciting features for you to provide a high-level of service to your customers through our app. Stay tuned.

The Marketplace

"Coming soon..."

This will be more fun than riding at a full gallop.


From the day-to-day stall management, boarding needs, leasing rules, training plan, veterinarian exams, farrier visits, and marketplace, this app can manage it all and more. We all want the best for our horses so we built “The Equestrian” to be that exclusive, one-of-a-kind app you can rely upon everyday for your horse’s health and pleasure.

News Feed

Your social feed of your horses and your connected friends.


My Horses

In here you manage everything about your horse's health and activities.



From riders, farriers to vets and more, your horse can "Stay Connected" with them all.

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Particpate with other horse owners and ask and get answers to questions.



See an issue with a horse, take a picture and share with a connection.


Log Activities

Capture an extensive list of activites which becomes the horses journal.


Frequently asked questions

There has never been an app like “The Equestrian” before. Our goal is to streamline an owner’s information gathering effort by making it easy for everyone to connect and share important facts about a horse’s well-being.

To the right are some of the most asked questions we have received.

What's coming next?

We are working on an Enhanced Scheduling/Calendar and the "Sale Barn" features along with other enhancements. There will be features coming for boarding facilities, trainers, leasing, farriers and more. Please send us a note on features you would like to see in our app.

Really? The APP is FREE?

Our app is available FREE to everyone to use. We will in the future offer some enhance features for the marketplace and services providers for a small fee. But the core of our app will always be free.

Your photos and more in the app

You can take and share your photos within our application. We keep a copy on our server along with making sure a copy is on your phones photo album too.

What if I provide services and products to the equine industry?

We'll be adding some extra features in the near-time to enhance your relationship between your business and those horses you care for. Stay Tuned.

Is my data being sold?

No, we are not Facebook. No data is being sold and it is also encrypted on the server to keep it away from hackers. Though, I doubt they are interested in horse data. :o)


Seen enough already?

Okay, I think we bored you to death with this text.
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Have any questions or suggestions?


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