Time, Speed, Distance, Altitude - our Ride Tracker Tracks it.

One of our most requested features was the Ride Tracker. Whether you’re going to do some training in the arena or you’re going on a wonderful long trail ride. Our Ride Tracking feature will capture your time, distance, speed and more by horse. Can you believe just how cool this feature is?! You can see with the image at the right I started with some work in the arena and then off on a trail ride.


What is the best time today to ride?

We just took the guess work out of what time of day to head out for a ride or training with your horse. We quickly give you a 6-hour forecast of whether it will be Sunny, Cloudy or Raining near your location. Now it is easy to plan your riding accordingly.


It only takes a moment to do something right

Repetition. They say the more you do something, the smarter and better you get. We created a unique equine journal that allows you to capture activities quickly, even when you’re on horseback. Seriously, one tap and you’re recording a great training session. One tap and a picture and you captured an injury that you can send to the vet. One tap and you capture that moment when the horse is being funny and just melts your heart. Our journal was created with hundreds of categories, so when you create the entry, we store it smartly so you can find it whenever you need it.