Beautiful and unique app for the Equestrian

The Equestrian App is the only app you’ll need in the care and enjoyment of your horse(s). From the basic day-to-day horse ownership needs with a unique equine based calendar, to feeding and caring, to journaling all your equestrian activities with your horse, The Equestrian App has you covered. The screen to the right, you’ll even see the weather, since our lifestyle is very weather dependent along with all your posts either private or expressed to your connected friends. We all want the best for our horses, so we built The Equestrian App to be that exclusive, one-of-a-kind app you can rely upon every day for your horse’s health and well-being.


Everything about your horse in one spot

Whether you have one horse or a whole herd, The Equestrian App can help you manage them in one place. Even if you don’t own the horse, you can be connected to your leased horse or a friend's horse in the app so that you can care and journal activities that you do with them.


Where did you put that document again?

Plain and simple, this is the best part of the app. What we did is put all this information about the horse in one place for quick access when you need it most. Today you keep this information in several different folders, in different places or not at all. All the horse details like registration numbers, feeding information, caring notes and the all-important Journal. The journal is all the important activities you might capture like training, competitions, an injury, a farrier visit or the vet visit when they get their shots. In here, you can also CONNECT your friends, farriers and vets, whoever you want, directly to the horse so they have access to these records if you want them to.

Seriously, why would you do it any other way?


It only takes a moment to do something right

Repetition. They say the more you do something, the smarter and better you get. We created a unique equine journal that allows you to capture activities quickly, even when you’re on horseback. Seriously, one tap and you’re recording a great training session. One tap and a picture and you captured an injury that you can send to the vet. One tap and you capture that moment when the horse is being funny and just melts your heart. Our journal was created with hundreds of categories, so when you create the entry, we store it smartly so you can find it whenever you need it.


Ugh, the farrier changed his phone number?

Well, we just solved that problem. With everyone that is important to you is connected around the care and enjoyment of the horse, that also means you’ll have their latest contact information available to you when you need it. These are your equestrian contacts and they are all in one app when you need it.

You can also tap into them and see their equestrian activities too.


Yeah, that's right. We've got an equine calendar

As much as we might use Microsoft Outlook and Gmail calendars, they don’t quite work perfect for the equestrian. So, we created a calendar that allows you to schedule like a horse owner would. Want to setup a 6-week reoccurring farrier visit? Done. Want to schedule a horse and rider for a session on Thursday? Done. Seriously, this is such an awesome addition to the app and if you’re using your phone or tablet, we’ll sync the entry to your device calendar too.


Connect others to your horse

The power of our app is its ability to connect others around the care and enjoyment of the horse. That means you can give permissions for others to journal and update information about your horse. So when the farrier or bodywork professionals show up, they can quickly and easily update their session notes and you’ll see them! So instead of leaving a bill behind, they’ll be leaving a fully documented session visit with your horse.


Transfer that horse to another person

Whether you created this horse in the app on behalf of the owner or you’re selling them, the horse transfer feature allows you to transfer this horse’s healthcare data and profile to the new owner. Don’t worry, you’ll stay connected to them too if you need to update something about them too.


Need something to Practice?

You just can’t wait to ride today and you want to practice something new? Well, look no further because it’s in the app! Our Patterns database has over 100 patterns for you to browse and use when training with your horse.


What is the best time today to ride?

We just took the guess work out of what time of day to head out for a ride or training with your horse. We quickly give you a 6-hour forecast of whether it will be Sunny, Cloudy or Raining near your location. Now it is easy to plan your riding accordingly.


And so much more is available to you

Basically, everything you need to care and manage your horse is found in our app for FREE. Yes, Free. Why? Because as a horse owner, there are features that I needed and I would like to have them free too. These features will always be free for the life time of the app which is going to be a really long time.

But we didn’t stop there, we even built enhanced, one of a kind features like Award Tracking, Equine Discounts, Multiple Photos on Posts, Journal Many Horses at Once, File Upload, Photo Gallery, Printing, To-Do and Ride Tracker too. These features are available as part of the Silver and Gold subscriptions. The Discounts Features alone will saved you thousands and thousands of dollars from our Premium Equine Product Suppliers.

And wait until you see the Ride Tracker. Imagine going on a trail ride or training in the arena and tapping a button and recording the entire ride. How long, how far and how fast. It’s amazing!