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You’ve been searching for your dream horse and you found them!. The Equestrian App is the only horse care app that can give you the tools in providing the best for your horse. We all want the best for them and we’re here to help you.


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And if you’re looking for a horse, there is no better place to find a horse than within our app. Why? Because anyone that has used the app to care for their horses is actually someone you would want to purchase or adopt a horse from. They are loving individuals that have gone the extra mile for the best healthcare for their horses and this information is shared with you when browsing for your dream horse.


Need to find a new home for your horse?

Listing your horse for sale within The Equestrian App just makes good horse sense. Why? It is the largest community of horse owners in the world, but if you’ve been using the app, you’re just a tap away for having all the information auto-filled out for you. Even the horse’s health and farrier visits are automatically shown to the prospective owner, kind of like a CarFax but for horses!