Do you give riding lessons?

Track your instruction sessions with your students right within the app. You can leave comments for your students that will appear on their feed when they login. You can also capture private comments to yourself about the instruction session so you remember what to cover the next time you meet. Now you can capture all those sessions and review the success of them over time!


Yes, it is a calendar for horses

It starts with our unique equine focused calendar for businesses like you. Everything on our calendar is color coded for quick views. You can also open up your calendar for others to see and book times directly.


We have horse trainers cover too!

When a client drops off a horse for 30 days of training, you can quickly capture each training session within the app and also plan for the next one. The power in the app is that you can leave client comments about each training session that they can see when they log into the app. Also, you can capture private comments about the session so you know what you need to work on next time. Track the success leads to faster improvements over time!