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Connect with your equestrian friends in care and enjoyment of your horse(s)


It's about tracking your horse's activities, healthcare, expense and more


We're connecting horse owners, equestrians and equine businesses to the lifestyle


About The Equestrian

The Equestrian is about connecting people to horses to enhance the health and care of the horse.

When we joined the equestrian lifestyle, we quickly realized there were a lot of people involved in the care of our horses. We built this app originally for our needs, but when our friends saw it, they wanted it too. Now it is available to everyone in the entire equine lifestyle!

We know it's not just you taking care of your horse, but a community of equine specialists. You can connect your friends, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, boarders, and other providers directly to your horse's journal so they can stay updated on your horse too.

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All BRONZE features and
  • Manage up to 25 horses
  • No Advertisements
  • 4-H Record Book Projects
  • Connect others to your horses
  • Group messaging with Barn Chat
  • Horse weight tracking and charts
  • Multiple photos on journal entries
  • Patterns Library
  • Photo Gallery View
  • Printing (horses and contacts)
  • Tack Tracker
  • Product Support


FREE forever!
  • Manage up to 5 horses
  • App Achievements
  • Barn/Stable Management
  • Contact Manager
  • Discounts on Products
  • Equine Calendar
  • Journaling and Expense tracking
  • Selling and Find Horses
  • Post and Find Equine Jobs
  • Today's Best Time to Ride
  • Weather and Blanket Alerts
  • Business: Stable and Stall Management


All SILVER features and
  • Manage up to 75 horses
  • No Advertisements
  • 4-H Record Book Projects
  • Equipment and Maintenance Tracker
  • Multi-horse journal entry
  • Ride Tracking and History
  • Show and Award Tracking
  • Track tasks with To-Do's
  • Transfer Horses
  • Vaccination Tracking
  • Upload and Associate documents
  • Fast Product Support

Highlighted People, Ranches and Businesses

Below we are highlighting some of the great people and businesses using The Equestrian App in their daily equine lifestyles.


Our goal is to truly connect everyone around the care and enjoyment of our horses, so our app will always be FREE. This includes riders, owners, and equine businesses. We do have sponsors that help support the cost of the app, but we try really hard to make sure it is just part of the experience of the app.
Every month we are adding new features for your equine lifestyle. If there is something special you are looking for, just drop us a note. We are always listening!
You bet! We are adding new features every month for your equine business. Is there something special we can add? Just send us a note, we are listening!
No, we are not Facebook. Your data is encrypted and only available to you and those who you choose to share it with.

The Horsemen

We may have started with an idea, but it is the larger equine community that have provided the great suggestions to make this app a reality.

Enjoy the ride!

  • User
    Patrick Husting

    Over 25 years in the software industry has lead Patrick "Back to the Ranch" and connecting the equine industry

  • User
    Fiona - Ia Reina Del Alba
    Focus Group Lead

    Fiona, along with Dusty and Maverick, are the inspiration for this app. They test in exchange for treats too.

  • User
    Adam Husting
    UI/UX Designer

    Adam has worked in design for several years, and believes that a simple lifestyle should be reflected in design.