Recording your Visits

Instead of leaving a bill behind, how about you leave behind a fully documented visit with pictures?! When you start using The Equestrian App to document your visits with your equine customers, the owners will be really excited about the documented visits on their horses hooves health.

1. Open Farrier Business

At the top left of your screen, tap the Menu/Barn Business/Farrier icons

2. TAP the My Horse Clients Button

At the top, you'll see the My Horse Clients button, tap that.

3. Customer and Ranch List

Here you will see all your customers and their horses. Just tap their name and you'll see the horses you are connected too.

4. Select your horse

You will notice two buttons under the horse record. Tap on the Journal New Visit button

5. Fill out the Visit

All the fields are optional except for the main comments at the top of the screen.

a. "Visit Comments": You can take a picture of your visit with the horse and record some general comments in this section.

b. "Hoof Pictures": Under this section, you can take pictures and record comments for each hoof. Very important to document issues or progression over time. Your customers will love this.

c. "Shoes/Hooves Information": Under this section, you can documents which hoofs get shoes and pads along with measurements of the hooves.

d. "Who and When": Under this section, You can record cost along with changing the date and location if needed.