Your Friends and Friends of Friends

Now that you have your horses added, it is time to invite and add your friends and service providers to Stay Connected to your horses. Connecting your friends will open a whole new world of care and management opportunities for your horses.

1. Shortcut Bar

At the bottom of your screen, you'll notice the shortcut bar which puts the most used features of The Equestrian App at your finger tip. Tap the Contacts icon to get started.

2. Contacts

This screen will host all your contacts. MY CONTACTS are you verified friends that you can see contact details and interact with. When you're ready to add a Contact, search for them first as they might already be using The Equestrian App.

3. Search for Friends first

When you enter your friends name, you'll be presented with a list of people. Tap the PLUS symbol to add them as a Friend or to just Follow them.

1. Adding them "As a Friend" allows them to see your friends and public posts, along with connecting them your horses.

2. Following then allows you to see just their Public posts. Kind of like Facebook or Instagram.

4. If you don't see your friend

If you search and don't find your friend, then they might not be using The Equestrian App like they should! :o) Proceed onto Adding a Contact.