Shows, Classes and Awards

We all have the same issue. We have walls and drawers of ribbons and it can be overwhelming to track who, what, where and when. Using The Equestrian App to track your shows and results, you’ll be able to track and see your progress at every show and class that you have attended for the first time. If you want to get better, you need to know where you’re coming from and the award tracker in our app can help.

To use the award tracker for success, 3 things need to occur. 1. You need to add or follow an organization. 2. You need to add for follow a show. 3. You need to add your class and award results!

Organizations are the businesses, clubs, etc. that put on horse shows.

Shows are the events that organizations put on. They can be different show types along at different locations.

Awards are classes and the results of those classes you participate in.

Important to note, that you need to follow Organizations and their Shows to record your awards against them.