Managing your Horses

Horses are the horses you created or your customers have connected you too. If you don't have any horses and your customers are not using The Equestrian App yet, you can create them in the My Horses section. Go in there and create some first.

1. Open Farrier Business

At the top left of your screen, tap the Menu/Barn Business/Farrier icons

2. TAP the My Horse Clients Button

At the top, you'll see the My Horse Clients button, tap that.

3. Customer and Ranch List

Here you will see all your customers and their horses. Just tap their name and you'll see the horses you are connected too.

If you don't see a horse, go to MY HORSES and create them. If you customer signs up to The Equestrian App later, you can always transfer that horse back to them.

4. Select your horse

You will notice two buttons under the horse record. Go onto recording your Visit next.