Adding a Calendar Event/Activity

Adding an event is like every other calendar app you have used except we added a few extra fields that are important for farriers.

1. Open Farrier Business

At the top left of your screen, tap the Menu/Barn Business/Farrier icons

2. Add Calendar Event

At the top right of the app you'll see the calendar + icon, tap that.

3. Fill out the details

Enter your title, location, date and times. Entering the location will allow you to ask for directions which will bring up Google Maps and give you directions to this location.

4. select Horse (optional)

Select a horse from your horses. They can be either the horses you create on behalf of your customers or your customers horses where they connected you to them.

If you don't see a horse, go to HORSES and create them. If you customer signs up to The Equestrian App later, you can always transfer that horse back to them.

5. select Person/Owner (optional)

If you select a horse that you are connect through, the owner will be automatically placed here for you. If not, you can select the person from your contacts.

6. Repeating Selection (optional)

If you want to automatically schedule a visit every 6-weeks for this horse, then enter a number greater than 1 to create reoccuring events.

Special Note: When you select a Person, this will also put the calendar invite that on Persons calendar too! Now no one will ever miss an appointment!