Adding Barns and Turnouts

Adding Stalls allow you to assign a horse to one of your stalls in the barn. But it is much more than that, you can also assign the owner, farrier and vet to the horse too. That means if you ever have an issue, you're just one tap away from contacting the right person to care for the horse.

1. Add your Stall

From your barn, you can tap the edit/view stall button. In the upper right corner you will see the PLUS icon to get you started.

2. Fill out the stall information

If your horse is already added, just select them from the list and their information will come over. If not, just add the horse using the link.

3. Photo of Horse

If there is already a photo of the horse, it will automatically be shown. You do have an option of updating the photo if you want one of them in the stall.

4. Informational Fields

There are several informational fields like stall number, behavior, blanketing, etc. Just fill those out.

4. Feeding Information

Feeding information will come over from the default horse record. You will need to adding the feeding information over on the horse screen. But there is a description field for anything further instructions for caring for the horse.

5. Contact Information

Use the selection lists to associate the appropriate contacts to the horse. This will be the Owner, Farrier and Vet.