Managing the Barn

By creating your barns and stalls and associating the horses to those stalls, now the process of managing the daily chores just got a lot easier! Everyone working in the barn is working from the same page in regards to the care of the horses and the management of the barn!

Your staff using the boarding features

When one of your invited barn managers uses the app, they will see the barn and all the horses in the stalls. They can quickly tap the down arrow next to the horses name to expand the details of the horse.

That stall and horse details

Now your staff will see how they need to care and feed for the horse in the stall. They'll see a picture of the horse, their feeding schedule and any specific care instructions. Now nothing will be missed!

Create a journal entry

At the bottom of the stall record, you will see the journal button. This allows your managers to quickly journal an event or activity with the horse. Very important in keeping everyone informed.

One tap to ask a question

If there is ever a question or issue, you are just one text or call away from the Owner, Farrier or Vet for that specific horse!

Share a special moment with the owner

You can quickly share a special moment with a picture to the owner. This is our favorite feature because it allows the owners to Stay Connected to their horses. By using this feature often, you'll be providing an enhanced level of service that others are probably not doing.