Adding Barns and Turnouts

Barns come in all sizes and we try to accommodate them all within The Equestrian App. Since a lot of the boarding businesses can have multiple barns and turnouts, we need to define them in the app.

1. Add your Barn/Turnout

When you enter the barns, in the upper right corner you will see a PLUS icon, click it to add a barn.

2. Define your Barn/Turnout

This is just a simple form for defining your barn.

3. Invite Barn Managers

If you have others that help you manage the barn, invite them here. Having access to the barn allows your assistants to see and manage the horses in their stalls. It also allows them to journal or take picture of horses should they see anything special or just sharing a moment with the owner.

Once you define your Barn, it is time to add the stalls and horses to them!