Transfer horse to another person

If you run an equine business or sell a horse, you might need to transfer the horse you created to another person. Well, we made that super simple.

1. Contact has to exist

If you want to transfer a horse, that person you want to transfer to must be using The Equestrian App and be a friend in your contacts.

2. Shortcut Bar

At the bottom of your screen, you'll notice the shortcut bar which puts the most used features of The Equestrian App at your finger tip. Tap the Horses icon to get started.

3. Your horses

Here you will find all the horses you added to the app. Just tap the horse you would like to transfer to another person.

4. Edit the Horse record

You have to edit the horse record to start the transfer. Just tap the Pencil icon to get started in the corner of the details of the horse.

5. Transfer the horse

At the bottom of the horse edit screen, you will find a TRANSFER HORSE button at the bottom left. Tap that and then select the person you wish to transfer the horse to. All that horses personal records will also transfer to the horse too!

That's it! Now that horse has a new owner.