Special Notes

The notes tab is a great place to put those special care notes about your horse. Maybe it is turnout information, maybe it is tack information, maybe it is special behavior information. Use it however you wish to capture and communicate to others.

1. Shortcut Bar

At the bottom of your screen, you'll notice the shortcut bar which puts the most used features of The Equestrian App at your finger tip. Tap the Horses icon to get started.

2. Your horses

Here you will find all the horses you added to the app. Just tap the horse you would like to view the details on.

3. Notes Tab

Here is a great place to put those special care taking notes about this horse. Just tap the Pencil icon to get started.

4. Create your special notes

Enter your note plan here. The Order field is for setting the order that the record will appear in the list. That's because you might have a few things happening at the same time.