Everything you need for the care and enjoyment of your horse and it's FREE!

Manage up to 5 horses
App Achievements
Barn and Stable Management
Best Ride Times
Contact Management
Discounts on Products/Services
Equine Focused Calendar
Equipment Tracker
Journaling and Expenses
Post and Find Equine Jobs
Sell and Find Horses for sale
Search Business Marketplace
Weather and Blanket Alerts
and more features too!

Everything the horse owner needs



All the BRONZE benefits plus these amazing features that take your equestrian lifestyle to the next level!

All Bronze features, plus...
Manage up to 25 horses
NO Advertisements
4-H Record Book Projects
Connect others to your horses
Group messaging with Barn Chat
Horse Weight Tracker
Multiple Photos on Journal Entries
Photo Gallery
Printing (horses and contacts)
Riding Patterns
Tack Room Tracker
Track tasks with To-Do's
App reminders and ads are removed
Fast Product Support

Taking you to the next level of riding


All the BRONZE and SILVER benefits plus these amazing features that make you one of the top level equestrians!

All Bronze and Silver features, plus...
Manage up to 75 horses
4-H Record Book Projects
HorseTag - Print Scan Codes
Horse Transfer to another person
Upload Documents
Multi-horse journal entry
Ride Tracking and History
Show and Award Tracking
More Printable Reports
Vaccination Tracking
Fast Product Support

The Best for the Equestrian


If you have an equine business, our PLATINUM features will bring maximum value for you and your customers.

All Bronze, Silver and Gold features, plus...
Unlimited Horses
Business: Appointment Setting
Business: Assign tasks to others
Business: Enhanced Business Calendar
Business: Embed Calendar in your website
Business: Horse Boarding
Business: HorseTag - Print Codes
Business: Invoice your customers
Business: Horse Leasing
Business: Multiple Photos on Sessions
Business: Profile Enhancements
Business: Seen 1st in search results
Business: More Printing Options
Rescue: Rescue and Non-Profit
Fastest Product Support

Helping you Help your Customers

Clover Special Edition

Get access to our Clover Special Edition that includes the ability to capture your 4-H Record Books via your phone/computer.

Create Multiple 4-H Projects
Journal Activities
Capture Calendar Events
Capture Supply Expenses
Journal your Rides and Pratice Times
Print Approved 4-H Record Books
Print 4-H Horse Certificates
Works with other Animals too
Also available in Silver/Gold Subscriptions

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